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"NEW" EZ-IN 6' x 8' Slope Shelter 

"NEW" EZ-IN 6' x 8' Slope Shelter 

"NEW" EZ-IN 6' x 8' Slope Shelter 


EAGLEHas a wide variety of

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• Vertically reinforced 3/16 steel powder coated door with triple latch system
• Door tested at Texas Tech University Handrail ladder
• Inside dimensions 6′ x 8′ x 6′ 2″
• Outside dimensions 6′ 8″ x 8′ 8″ x 7′ 1″
• 6000 PSI reinforced pre-cast concrete
• 8″ turbine  and 3″ vent
• 5 year limited warranty
• 5″ sides and 6″ bottom
• Holds approximately 8-10 people
• Exceeds FEMA standards

Wooden Benches

6' x 8' Patio Style Storm Shelter 

The two devastating EF5 tornadoes that have cause so much loss of life across Oklahoma this last month have proved that Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms do save lives.
More and more stories are unfolding about how families lives were saved by taking shelter in their tornado safe rooms/shelters.
If you did not have a room reinforced  when your property was built, do not worry you still have options for protecting yourself and your loved ones:
In-ground Storm Shelters      Pod Shelters      Above Ground Storm Shelters/Safe Rooms    

All of these can be quickly installed to protect your loved ones from these dangerous Oklahoma Storms and Tornadoes.


5' x 7' Polysafe Shelter

• Easier entry
• 6 step ladder with double handrails
• Gradual descent when entering
• Inside dimensions 6' x 8' x 6' 10"

Exceeds FEMA Standards

• Outside Handrail
• Wood Benchdes

Graceland of Stratford

are 2015 Stratford Area

Chamber of Commerce


• Powder Coated Steel Door
• Handrail Ladder
• 5 Year Limited Warranty
• Holds approximately 10-12 people
• 100-% waterproof
• Concrete Filled Polyurethane Mold
• Ideal for High Water Tables
• Ideal for tight spaces
• Can be poured onsite. 

Meets FEMA Standards

"NEW" EZ-IN 6' x 8' Slope Shelter 


6' x 13' Large Patio Style Storm Shelter

Our Graceland of Stratford brochure is finally here and it is making an impact all around the state!

Inside this brochure we feature our different types of buildings.  As well as storm shelters, carports and metal buildings.

On the back of the brochure wee even have "Graceland 101".  A special section that is dedicated to education our customers on what to look for from other builders and how they fall short, every time.  


• Outside dimensions 7’x14’x7’1″
• Inside Dimensions 6′ x 13′ x 6’1″
• 6000 PSI reinforced pre-cast concrete
• 8″ turbine & 3″ vent
• 5 Year Limited Warranty
• Horizontally reinforced powder coated steel  door to prevent rusting
• Handrail ladder
• Holds approximately 20-23 people, great for  daycare’s, businesses and communities
• 8′ anti-flotation ring at bottom to prevent  movement of shelter
• Weighs 30,000 lbs when fully assembled.

Exceeds FEMA Standards

Wooden Benches